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Register Using Your SAGE ID

This page is only for accounts that have been pre-registered in the Tuition Rewards program.

You must have a valid "SAGE ID" to complete your account registration using this page. Your SAGE ID can be found in the "Welcome" e-mail you received. If you have not received a "Welcome" e-mail that contains a SAGE ID, you may not have been pre-registered for Tuition Rewards, and you cannot complete registration on this page.

If you do not have a SAGE ID start on our main registration page and select your source of Tuition Rewards from there. If you believe you have been pre-registered, or you lost your Welcome e-mail with the SAGE ID, please contact us.

A SAGE ID is usually 3 digits, a '-', and then 3 to 6 digits (i.e. 001-123456). Depending on your source of rewards, it may also be formatted as 4-6 digits, a letter (never a 'T'), and then 4-6 digits (i.e. 009514M12345).

Please note: First Midwest Bank / SAGE Account Numbers are always 6 digits, a 'T' and then 5 digits (i.e. 000099T12345 - even though your banker may have omitted the leading zeros). First Midwest Bank / SAGE Account Numbers are not SAGE IDs. Click here to register through First Midwest Bank.

Tuition Rewards Account Registration

  1. Must match the state that the account is registered in.

  2. Must match the ZIP code that the account is registered in.

  3. Must match the e-mail address you received your "Welcome" e-mail at.
    You can change it later if you'd prefer to register with a different e-mail account.

  4. Please retype your e-mail address