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Independent Plan Coordinators Tuition Rewards

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Tuition Rewards are available to participants in the Supplemental Retirement Plans administered by Independent Plan Coordinators (IPC)! Start earning Tuition Rewards points on your IRA and/or Non-Qualified Tax-Deferred Annuity balances at IPC.

Tuition Rewards is a free program for IPC clients that provides discounts (scholarships) worth up to $53,505.00 off the "list price" of tuition at over 375 participating private colleges and universities.

Member schools include Clarkson, Creighton, DePaul, Duquesne, La Salle, RIT, RPI, SCAD, ST. Lawrence, Susquehanna, Union, University of Dayton, University of San Diego, University of Tampa, Valparaiso and WPI. In 2016, participating high school seniors submitted Tuition Rewards points valued at $74.6 million to member colleges and universities.

Even if you do not have an eligible student in your family at this time, you can still register to begin earning and accruing rewards. The sooner you register, the more Tuition Rewards you will have accrued for a loved one when he or she attends a member college or university. Points are calculated quarterly by multiplying your IPC Total Plan Value at the end of the quarter by 1.25%.

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Each new account holder who completes the registration will receive a 500-point Tuition Rewards bonus ($500 value)! In addition, each eligible student whom you sponsor will also receive 500 bonus points to get started!

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    NOT your student's date of birth - we need your (the account holder's) date of birth. This helps prevent duplicate account creation if you have more than one source of Tuition Rewards.

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Tuition Rewards program communications
Communications regarding the Tuition Rewards program is via e-mail. If you are registering this account on behalf of a family member who is an IPC participant and will be managing this Tuition Rewards account for them, you may enter your e-mail address above. Please also add to your email address book or approved sender list to help reduce the chance that your e-mail provider blocks your welcome e-mail as junk e-mail.