PA 529 College Savings Program Tuition Rewards

PA 529

Start building rewards today!
Start earning Tuition Rewards® on your Pennsylvania 529 College Savings Program account balances. Tuition Rewards are discounts off of tuition (scholarships) at over 355 participating private colleges and universities. The Tuition Rewards program is completely free for PA 529 account holders.

Sign Up Bonus
Upon completion of your account registration you will receive a 500 point registration bonus. In addition, the PA 529 program will include an extra 500 points for each participating student!

How to Enroll
To begin enter the primary account owner's information below. If your spouse or another family member is the legal account owner of the PA 529 account you must enter his or her SSN during registration.

Required to earn rewards through the PA 529
A valid e-mail address is required to access your account