First Midwest Bank Tuition Rewards

First Midwest Bank Tuition Rewards

Start Building Rewards Today!

Start earning Tuition Rewards® Points on your eligible accounts with First Midwest Bank today!

If you're already registered online at you can sign into your account by going to the account holder login page.

Even if you do not have an eligible student in your family at this time, you can still register to begin earning rewards. The sooner you register, the more Tuition Rewards you will have accrued for a loved one when he or she attends a member college or university.

If you haven't registered online, registration only takes a minute to complete!

Member Colleges & Universities
Member schools include Clarkson, Creighton, DePaul, Duquesne, La Salle, RIT, RPI, SCAD, ST. Lawrence, Susquehanna, Union, University of Dayton, University of San Diego, University of Tampa, Valparaiso and WPI. In 2016, participating high school seniors submitted Tuition Rewards points valued at $74.6 million to member colleges and universities.

Registration Bonus
Each account holder who completes enrollment will receive a 500 point Tuition Reward bonus! These points will be credited to your Tuition Rewards account upon account activation.

To enroll and receive your 500 point registration bonus, you will need to have your "First Midwest Bank / Tuition Rewards account number". These accounts numbers are 6 digits, a 'T', and then 5 digits (i.e. 000099T12345).

Why do I need this special account number?
This unique account number allows you to register for Tuition Rewards without having to provide personal information such as your SSN or a First Midwest banking account number. Your Tuition Rewards account number will be used by First Midwest to report your Tuition Rewards information to SAGE on a regular basis.

I don't have my Tuition Rewards account number.
Your account number can be easily obtained by stopping into your local branch office or by calling 1-800-448-4001.