Tuition Rewards by SAGE Scholars

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Positive Physicians Insurance Company

Tuition Rewards are now available for policy holders with Positive Physicians Insurance Company. The Tuition Rewards program is absolutely free! (not yet available in all states)

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Registration Bonus
Every policyholder and staff member that registers and activates their account will receive a 500 point Tuition Reward bonus! In addition, each eligible student that you register will also receive a 500 point Tuition Reward bonus!

To register, policyholders will need their policy number. If you are unsure of your policy number, please contact your office or practice manager. If you are the staff member of a policyholder or group practice, please contact your employer or the group's practice manager for the policy number. You may also contact our account holder support team (please provide the policyholder's name or group practice name and the office address). If you have your policy number, complete the information below.

Policyholders register with your policy number above. Managers and staff of a practice or group can register with any valid policy number in the group.
Job description determines the Tuition Rewards you will receive. We may conduct random audits to help ensure that staff and employees have specified the correct job descriptions.
Even if you do not have an eligible student in your family at this time, you can still register to begin earning rewards. The sooner you register, the more Tuition Rewards you will have accrued for a loved one when he or she attends a member college or university.