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Complete Your Tuition Rewards Account Registration

Completing Account Registration

This page is for accounts that have been pre-registered in the Tuition Rewards program. You must have a valid SAGE ID to complete your account registration using this page.

Your SAGE ID can be found in the "Welcome" e-mail you should have received. If you have not received a "Welcome" e-mail, or you do not have a SAGE ID you may not be pre-registered (but you can still register).

Go to the main account registration page and select your source of Tuition Rewards from the list of affiliates.

First Midwest Bank Account Holders
Your SAGE ID is not the account number you've been given by First Midwest Bank (i.e. 000099T12345). If you have a valid SAGE ID from First Midwest Bank it will start with "059-".

If you do not have a SAGE ID through FMB, follow this link to register your First Midwest Bank Tuition Rewards account.

Please note that a SAGE ID is not the same thing as an account activation or account confirmation code. Typically a valid SAGE ID begins with 3 digits, a hyphen, and then additional digits - i.e. "007-nnnnnn".

Tuition Rewards Account Registration

Tuition Rewards Account Registration

Your Information

Enter the "SAGE ID" you received in your pre-registration "Welcome to Tuition Rewards" e-mail. If you do not have a SAGE ID, go to the Register for Tuition Rewards page to get started.

Account Login Information

Your password must be at least 6 characters in length, and it must contain at least 1 number. Blank spaces are not allowed.
For verification, please retype your password again.

Optional E-mail Subscriptions

Occasionally member schools have us prepare and send an e-mail on their behalf to Tuition Rewards account holders. These messages are usually sent based on your student's age and your distance from the school. We never share your e-mail address with the school. We send these e-mails based on your subscription preferences.
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