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Tuition Rewards Account Registration

New account registration is quick and easy!
However we recommend that you take a moment to read through the information on this page before getting started.

This registration is for families only. If you are a financial professional, either independent or affilliated with an organization, and you are interested in offering Tuition Rewards to your clients, please go to our Information for Financial Professionals page.

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Additional Program Information

Sponsors and Students
Our program has two "tiers" of accounts: Sponsors and Students. Sponsors are typically the parents, grandparents or other family members completing this registration, earning Tuition Rewards, and then transferring those Tuition Rewards to their sponsored students for use. Students are the recipients of a Sponsor's Tuition Reward points. During registration, you will first create your Sponsor account. After that you will have a chance to sponsor eligible* students in your immediate or extended family. There is no limit on the number of students that you can sponsor!

E-Mails That We Send
During your account registration, we will send a "Welcome to Tuition Rewards" e-mail to the address that you specify. This e-mail also contains your unique account activation code. You must be able to receive this e-mail to activate your Tuition Rewards account. We strongly suggest that you add to your e-mail address book and/or junk e-mail filter's approved sender list before beginning registration.

The Three Deadlines
The Tuition Rewards program has three simple deadlines:

  1. Adding Students - Students must be added to the Tuition Rewards program by August 31st of the year that the student begins 11th grade.
  2. Transferring Rewards to Students - The last date that a student can earn Tuition Rewards (either directly or through a Sponsor transferring rewards to him or her) is August 31st of the year that the student begins 12th grade.
  3. Submitting Rewards to Schools - You must submit a Tuition Rewards Statement to any member school a student is applying to at the time of his or her application to that school.

If you are under 14 years of age, please have a parent or other adult complete this registration.

* Eligible students must be in your immediate or extended family. They cannot be a neighbor, coworker, or friend's child. Students must be added to Tuition Rewards by midnight on August 31st of the year that the student begins 11th grade.