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Information for Financial Professionals

The SAGE Advantage

  • As a participating financial firm, your clients can now earn guaranteed minimum scholarships for all of their children, grandchildren nieces and nephews in the form of Tuition Rewards, discounts (not hard dollars) off full tuition at participating colleges. (1 point = $1 guaranteed minimum scholarship)
  • Enroll all of your existing clients in SAGE at no cost to them; it's a good reason to "touch base" with clients and discuss their accounts.
  • It keeps your clients loyal and less likely to move their money or switch advisors.

Our SAGE Financial Affiliates

  • If you are currently working with any of the following organizations, you may be able to offer the Tuition Rewards program to your clients through them. Please contact the organization directly for information on how you can sign up (or how you can obtain advisor account access) to provide Tuition Rewards to your clients. Or contact us for more information.
    • America's First Financial Corp. [web]
    • American Senior Benefits [web]
    • Asset Marketing Systems [web]
    • The College Trust [web]
    • College Planning Relief [web]
    • Imeriti [web]
    • InsurMark [web]
    • Levinson & Associates [web]
    • Pinnacle Partners Group [web]
    • Premier Companies, Inc. [web]
    • The Vermont Agency [web]

The Real SAGE Advantage

  • You differentiate your firm from other organizations selling similar products by offering a unique Reward that establishes your credentials and expertise in the "saving for college" arena.
  • You learn how to talk knowledgeably about college funding & selection - how the four-year graduation rate is 67% at a private university and 28% at a public university. You learn to advise clients to look beyond the "sticker price" of a college... look at how long it will really take to graduate... and understand the likelihood of receiving unadvertised financial aid.
  • You find a new audience. Firms who specialize in college funding tell us that it's usually easy to find prospects in "panic mode" - parents of HS seniors or juniors who need emergency help. However, getting in front of parents of younger students usually proved difficult... until they offered Tuition Rewards!

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