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Tuition Rewards Important Dates

Adding Students
For most programs, students must be registered by at least one Sponsor by August 31st of the year that the student begins 11th grade. Some programs in Tuition Rewards that concentrate on college planning and funding may have a deadline to add students that is later in the student's junior year in high school. Your program Welcome e-mail will show you the exact date.
Transferring Rewards to Students
That last date that a student's Sponsors can transfer rewards to the student is August 31st of the year that the student begins 12th grade. This is also the last date that a student can earn or receive direct rewards (such as special bonus points, birthday points, etc.).

Many programs in Tuition Rewards credit rewards directly to the Sponsor's account, and it's up to the Sponsor to allocate (transfer) rewards to his or her students. In some programs however, rewards are credited directly to a student by an affiliated organization (such as the Pennsylvania 529 College Savings Program).
Submitting and Redeeming Rewards
A student's Sponsor must submit an electronic Tuition Rewards Statement of a student's account at the time of the student's application to any participating college. Ideally, the Sponsor will submit the statement within a few days of the student's application. If the student has multiple Sponsors only one would need to submit the statement. Not all statements need to be submitted at once (if the student applies to more than one college over several months the student's Sponsor would just need to submit the statement at the time of application to each college).

Usually, the Sponsor is the family member that registers the Tuition Rewards account and then adds ("sponsors") students in the immediate or extended family to be the beneficiaries on the account. A student can have more than one Sponsor as long as there is a familial relation between the Sponsor and the student.

Students are the beneficiaries added by Sponsors to the Tuition Rewards Program. Students typically do not have login accounts for