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Tuition Rewards Program Deadlines

There are three very important deadlines that must be met in order to utilize your Tuition Reward Points for your student's scholarship.

  1. Adding Student to Tuition Rewards - Students must be added to the program by August 31st of the year that the student begins 11th grade.
  2. Student Rewards - The last day that you can transfer your earned Rewards to a student is August 31st of the year that the student begins 12th grade. This is also the last day that a student can earn any directly allocated Tuition Rewards from any source.
  3. Submitting Rewards to Member Schools - You must submit a Tuition Rewards Statement to any member school(s) that your student is applying to at the time of application to that school.

Adding New Students to Tuition Rewards
Students can be added to Tuition Rewards from birth through the deadline above. The reason for the deadline is that our member colleges & universities can get a head start in marketing over non-member schools. Typically a school will purchase students names and addresses from student list services towards the end of 11th grade. By requiring that all students must be registered prior to the beginning of 11th grade, our schools can download our student data almost a full year before their competition purchases the data from various student list resources.

Tuition Rewards student data is available for our member schools to access when a student begins 9th grade. At no time is your information, or younger student's information, available to schools.

Transferring Rewards to Students
In most cases, Tuition Rewards are credited to your - the Sponsor's - account. These points must be transferred to a student by the deadline above. This is just like having a checking account and a savings account at a bank. You must transfer funds from savings to checking to be able to write a check. Points in your account (the "savings account") that are not transferred to a student (the "checking account") are not available to be included on the Tuition Rewards Statement (the "check") that you must submit to our member colleges.

Once points are transferred, if the student matriculates to a non-member college or university, you can transfer the points back to your account for use with the next oldest student.

Transferring points to a student is entirely separate from the student's decision on where to go to college. You simply must transfer the points to the student prior to the deadline so that they are available if / when the student applies to a member college.

Submitting Rewards to Member College
As your student completes and submits his or her college applications, you must electronically submit a Tuition Rewards Statement to any member college to which he or she applies at the time of application. For example, if your student applies to "Member College A" in September, submit a statement to that college. If he or she later decides - even if it's months later - to apply to "Member College B", login again and submit a statement to that college. Reward statements are sent electronically to the member college's financial aid office. You will also receive a copy via e-mail within 24 hours of submission.