Antioch College Profile

When you become an Antiochian, you don’t just attend a college that has been around since 1850. You participate in a movement rooted in a tradition of breaking boundaries to face the challenges of now. We are grounded in experiential learning. This is a laboratory college where you learn by doing. From problem-based projects to makerspaces, cultural immersion to worked-based co-op education, you will have the freedom to experiment, try, fail and grow. We are committed to community. This is a collaborative college, a place where we practice democracy as a part of everyday life. As an Antiochian, you will participate in the design and governance of the college. You don’t just follow the rules here. You help make them. We are connected to the world. Your education will be presented through the lenses of both local and worldwide community problem-solving. Whatever path you choose, we will work closely with you to help you translate learning into winning victories for humanity.

The mission of Antioch College is to provide a rigorous liberal arts education on the belief that scholarship and life experience are strengthened when linked, that diversity in all its manifestations is a fundamental component of excellence in education, and that authentic social and community engagement is vital for those who strive to win victories for humanity.