Spring Arbor University

Spring Arbor University (Spring Arbor, MI) is a community of learners nurtured by a collaborative academic environment and meaningful relationships. SAU was founded as a Free Methodist school in 1873. Ever since, the school has maintained principles of faith and integrity, and Christ remains its perspective for living, loving, learning and student instruction.

SAU prepares the 1,300 undergraduate students living on its campus with the knowledge and experiences necessary for their vocations, with special attention given to the cultivation of the virtues necessary to live lives well led. This holistic approach to the liberal arts extends beyond the classroom and into the dorms, chapel, athletics, to mentors and so much more.

Every person of every major — from nursing to social work, business to biology, accounting, psychology, music and art — graduates ready to bring meaningful and redemptive change to the people and places they encounter, whether it’s working at Microsoft, the White House or a local church.

SAU helps prepare students for an exceptional journey and a remarkable life.

Visit online: www.arbor.edu