University of the Arts

The University of the Arts is the place of choice for visual and performing artists and critical thinkers, in the heart of Philadelphia, a city that celebrates and supports creativity. UArts is the only art university in the U.S. that allows students to collaborate across traditional lines. Painters can minor in piano, dancers can study film, and guitarists can take classes in screenwriting.

UArts enrolls approximately 1,800 students. With more than 30 majors, 30 minors and 12 graduate programs in visual arts, performing arts, design and creative writing, UArts develops alumni who are leaders in their disciplines, able to succeed in any path they choose. Alumni are able to do anything because they are exposed to everything.

For over 140 years, UArts has been bringing together collaborators, and emerging their talents. UArts students cross boundaries to develop new methods of expression, problem-solving, and influence in a world where creative thinkers are needed more than ever in all industries.

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