Sage College of Albany

Sage College of Albany (NY) offers 900 students -- 200 in accelerated bachelor's/master's programs -- a celebrated visual arts program and well-respected programs in business, legal studies and computer science.

Founded as a coed junior college in 1949 and awarding bachelor's degrees since 2002, Sage College of Albany understands that the world is multidisciplinary. The fastest-growing industries worldwide are communications, entertainment, information and graphics. Sage's core educational curriculum is a three-course sequence in Innovation Thinking, affectionately dubbed i.Think and designed to impart skills for success in the 21st century.

All Sage College of Albany students – regardless of their major – encounter creative problem-solving, critical thinking, group interaction, leadership, design thinking and community engagement via i.Think. Because there's no substitute for experience, internships aren't just suggested, they're required. Twelve varsity athletic teams participate in the NCAA Division 3 Skyline Conference, with students from the Russell Sage College in Troy joining the Sage College of Albany women’s teams.

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