Messiah College

Messiah College (Grantham, PA) is a nationally-ranked private, residential Christian college with a socially, politically and denominationally diverse student body of 2,800 undergraduates. The College’s faith base is broadly evangelical, including students from mainline denominations and a variety of Christian faith traditions.

Messiah offers more than 55 majors; several pre-professional programs; 22 highly competitive athletic teams, including several that have recently won NCAA Division III national championships; and an internship program that has been a model for many other colleges. In the number of students studying abroad, Messiah has been ranked 11th in the nation.

Messiah’s 173 full-time faculty hold degrees from 150 different graduate schools; each has signed a statement of faith as an indication of her or his commitment to the College’s mission,. The College teaches students to engage their Christian faith to build community; to serve as agents for peace and reconciliation; and, to champion the rights of the poor and dispossessed. Our graduates exemplify service, leadership and reconciliation and are highly sought by employers.

Messiah’s 471-acre scenic campus is conveniently located in central Pennsylvania, just 12 miles from the state capital, Harrisburg and within easy access to Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York City and Washington, D.C.

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