Taylor University

Taylor University (Upland, IN) was named the number one Baccalaureate College in the Midwest in the 2008 and 2009 U.S. News & World Report surveys, America's Best Colleges, and has been ranked among the region’s top three schools for 10 consecutive years.

Taylor’s commitment to intentional community, relentless discovery and global engagement help make it unique. Taylor is a highly academic institution whose community members should be relentless in their pursuit of knowing God, of a complete education, of knowing themselves and their calling -- and then working toward this. While at Taylor, this is best done in community, where others are as intentional and relentless in their pursuits. Taylor is mission-driven and globally-minded. Helping students to develop a global lens for understanding their world and their faith is the driven by individual and shared experiences, intentional relationships and the relentless pursuit of truth inside and outside the classroom.

Visit online: www.taylor.edu