Inspired by Judeo-Christian values, the Catholic Intellectual Tradition and Catholic Social Teaching, the University of the Incarnate Word and its founding congregation (Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word) welcomes all persons of diverse backgrounds to its faith community. Our embrace reflects our belief that your respectful interaction as students of different backgrounds advances the discovery of truth, mutual understanding, self-realization and the common good.

The Catholic intellectual tradition is a rich and multi-faceted story. It is a 2000-year dialogue between faith and culture as early Christians tried to articulate what it meant to be a distinctive faith community. The tradition includes the evolution of Church institutions that were centers of education and learning, from monasteries to cathedral schools for clergy (600-1000) and then to universities (1000-1300). The tradition overall points to a vast repository of theological thought; philosophizing; devotional practices; works of literature, visual art, music, and drama; styles of architecture; legal reasoning; social and political theorizing; and other forms of cultural expression that have emerged in vastly different parts of the world in the course of 2,000 years of Christian religious experience. What’s more, it is a living tradition which draws from the riches of the past to give life to the future. The Catholic intellectual tradition is based on two fundamental principles: first, that the search for truth in all aspects of life extends to the ultimate search for truth that animates faith; and, second, that faith is a catalyst for inquiry, as faith seeks to understand itself and its relationship to every dimension of life

Founded in 1881 by the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, UIW provides its students with 40 majors, including nuclear medicine, fashion management and music therapy. UIW's average class size is 25. The school went co-ed in 1970 and was recognized as a university in 1996. UIW is a Charter Member of the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities; it qualifies as a Hispanic-serving institution (HSI) under federal guidelines. The waters of the San Antonio River flow through the campus.

UIW is a leader in international studies. UIW's 5,217 students can leave its 110-acre San Antonio campus to study abroad in any of nearly 100 "sister schools" in 34 countries, spending a semester or longer in countries such as China, Taiwan, Japan, Mexico, Turkey, Chile, Australia, Peru, Italy, New Zealand, Brazil, England, France and Thailand.

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