Roanoke College

Roanoke College combines firsthand learning with valuable personal connections in an undergraduate setting of 2,000 students. Roanoke believes this classic experience is the best way to teach students the skills they need for tomorrow, preparing them to rise to future challenges and propelling them farther than they ever imagined.

Strong on-campus personal connections are the norm. This means students receive an individualized education from people who will inspire them to exceed even their own expectations. Learning firsthand gives students relevant experience before they graduate, and it can happen in many ways: Internships, study abroad, community service, performances, research or in a class.

Roanoke College has a beautiful, energetic setting in front of the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains. The Roanoke Valley is one of the state's largest metro areas, providing opportunities to shop, experience new things and enjoy various entertainment.

Roanoke will help students find their passion. Through a whole-person approach to education, students explore the world from intellectual, physical, creative, social and moral perspectives. Students find what they love and join a community of scholars who share similar interests. The academic connection is deepened through research and intensive study. With real world experiences, students apply knowledge to current issues and develop practical skills that will help guide a career.

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