MacMurray College

MacMurray College, located in Jacksonville, Illinois, is a four-year, private, residential, baccalaureate college with a strong liberal arts tradition. For the past 170 years, MacMurray has been committed to preparing graduates for satisfying and productive professional careers through a purposeful blend of the liberal arts tradition and a concentration on career preparation. MacMurray focuses on providing the tools needed for effective leadership, and encouraging individual growth throughout one's education and future endeavors.

Students who attend MacMurray College have dubbed this special place as their Mac Fam, short for MacMurray Family. Life here is not just about learning the skills, knowledge and attitude of success for your own future, it's about helping others succeed around you as well. At Mac, you will have a wide network of students, faculty, staff, local businesses and residents of Jacksonville to accompany you on your journey. Community is a clear and unique component of who we are and how we treat each other.

This lets us truthfully say: MacMurray College – Where You Matter.

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